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Joe Hudson joe.hudson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 21:08:13 EST 2011

Hi there!

I have a query about odfpy that I hope someone here might be able to help
Does odfpy support extracting of document bookmarks and headings and the
cross-references to those? I.e. internal links?

I use Calibre to create ebooks, which apparently uses odfpy for ODT
conversion. Currently, internal links are not preserved (they just become
normal text in the case of bookmark links and non-working links in the case
of header links) and I'm told that's a limitation of odfpy. If that's true,
how can it be fixed?

The pressing reason I want to have this functionality is so that the links
in tables of contents and indexes function, and also so 'see pages xx - xx'
with bookmark links function. This is pretty important for me, and I'd guess
a lot of folks converting books from OpenOffice. Any help or guidance would
be greatly appreciated!



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