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Hi, Yoon Kit,

Nice review of the Mahugh talk. Mahugh earlier posted a description of the
incredible contortions the Mindjet folks had to go through to achieve
round-trip interop with MS Office. <

Notice that those contortions include things that are not included in the
Ecma 376 specification:

"In order to accomplish this ambitious goal, they had to take advantage of
many aspects of the Open XML file formats and also some related Microsoft
technologies such as ribbon extensibility and VBA macros. MindManager's
proprietary format in the past was an OPC-like approach -- ZIP archive
containing various XML parts -- so that aspect of Open XML was familiar to
them and they took full advantage of it to embed a wide variety of content
types into a DOCM file: macros, schemas, icons, custom semantics, metadata,
and the actual definition of the mindmap itself."

In other words, the DOCM file is used more as a transport vehicle for
application-level interop rather than providing interop via the file format
itself. It's interop with MS Office only, unusable to interoperate with any
other implementation of Ecma 376. Mindjet says more about Ecma 376's flaws
as a standard than it does about its strengths .

Best regards,


On 9/12/07, Yoon Kit Yong <yoonkit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Doug Mahugh gave a talk on MSOOXML in KL yesterday. He was frank and
> honest, and said many things you wouldn't expect.
> http://www.openmalaysiablog.com/2007/09/microsoft-tech-.html
> yk.
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