[odf-discuss] Joining the list to answer questions

Jody Goldberg jody at gnome.org
Wed Oct 31 13:18:31 EDT 2007

Thanks to Jeff for pointing out this list.  He's has done an
excellent job responding to the questions, but it was me who
approached the foundation to join ECMA, and attended meetings.  If
you have questions, please ask me directly.

Daniel : re:

    After leaving Novell my intent was to rejoin both OASIS and
    ECMA.  If you can suggest an appropriate approach I'd be pleased
    to take up the role again.  My recent work on Gnumeric's ODF
    filters has produced a laundry list of issues.  My Gnumeric time
    tends to be on the commuter train, with limited connectivity but
    I'll speak to management about dialing in from the office.

Russel : re:

    Your attitude and approach in this situation has muddied your
    reputation and the FLOSS community.  Had you wanted information
    you could easily have contected me and we could have discussed
    it.  To go further and imply the I'm an MS shill of some sort
    makes free software advocates in general look like conspiracy
    nuts.  My blog roll reflects things that are interesting.  One
    can disagree with Brian but he undeninably has useful content
    about the MS perspective.  Ignoring it does not seem useful [1].
    As a spreadsheet developer it's also interesting to watch
    competitors, is that a sin against good-speak too ?

    We can disagree without insinuation and nonsense.

   See : Douglas Adams' ravenous bug-blatter beast of trall

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