[odf-discuss] i-player

Pamela Jones pj at groklaw.net
Sun Nov 18 21:44:14 EST 2007

Groklaw has in interview with Ashley Highfield, which I'll be putting up 
shortly.  He tells us that they are looking at open solutions. They need 
DRM or some rights holders won't let them use their content at all. But 
I think it's not quite as bleak a picture as it may have been a week or 
two ago. I get the impression that they just didn't realize the extent 
of the negative feelings they were engendering, and he actually 
apologizes to the community.  It should be up in about a half hour.

Ian Lynch wrote:
> Gerry Gavigan who is an ODF member is meeting the BBC Trust about the
> fact that iplayer, the BBC's video player does not support open
> standards. (only works on Windows XP) This gives MS an unfair advantage
> - it's like the BBC broadcasting only to Sony TVs - and this amounts to
> illegal state aid. While odf is about file formats I think most people
> here would agree that we want open standards to be considered
> everywhere. Our own case can be weakened by other precedents in other
> digital fields. So I propose that we ask Gerry as a member to present
> his complaint backed by the Fellowship to add weight to the backing he
> has from the Open Schools Alliance and probably Schoolforge UK (Need to
> ask there). Basically the argument is that our membership backs open
> standards and we are not happy that the BBC is distorting the market
> place by giving an advantage to one technology supplier.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ian

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