[odf-discuss] Fwd: W3C Lead on CDF says OpenDocument Fellowship Position on CDF Makes No Sense

Pamela Jones pj at groklaw.net
Wed Nov 14 13:36:34 EST 2007

My earlier email never appeared, so I'm trying again, shorter:

You want folks like the OpenDocument Foundation to be able to do serious 
damage to ODT, and then the *rest* of us are supposed to pretend they 
didn't do it?  If we notice and object, *that* causes "fragmentation"?

Their course of action was the fragmentation, and we'd be fools to not 
notice or not care.  Some things can't be undone. This is one of them.

Christian Einfeldt wrote:
> I am a little bit concerned about fragmentation of both the FOSS community.
> I am not addressing this comment to any one particular person on this list.
> Rather, my comments here are more general in nature.

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