[odf-discuss] Fwd: W3C Lead on CDF says OpenDocument Fellowship Position on CDF Makes No Sense

Daniel daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Mon Nov 12 08:57:14 EST 2007

Pamela Jones wrote:
> For example, this story about W3c backing them up is not true. Period.

In several occasions the "Foundation" has claimed or implied backing of 
experts or government entities. After investigation I have found that 
most of these statements are not true (the rest are un-confirmed). I 
assert that the Foundation representatives have been dishonest in their 
claims of expert or institutional backing. In some occasions I receive a 
direct email from the very people the Foundation claims support from, to 
express frustration with the Foundation's claims and deny any support 
for them. These are private communications, and the individuals involved 
rarely wish to discuss this in pubic. I have thus been resigned to 
observe in frustrations as the Foundation's false claims of support go 
un-challenged. I do, however, wish to assure those who read this post, 
that the Foundation does not at all enjoy the support that they often claim.


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