[odf-discuss] Gnome, Ecma, and what governments (and FOSS?) should have done

Alberto Barrionuevo abarrio at ffii.org
Sun Nov 4 13:30:23 EST 2007

On Saturday 03 November 2007 18:30:49 Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > So it's not in the future Microsoft will use you. They already are.
> They will refer to Gnumeric whether or not we are involved in TC45-M or
> not. The only folks I've heard saying that our involvement in TC45-M is
> endorsing OOXML are those who purport to be against Microsoft.

Well, they have a similar list delivered to the ISO national committees that 
shows who worked in to create the OOXML open standard at ECMA and that 
explain that that is the reason because OOXML is open: "It was created in an 
open process in an open standard entity as ECMA."

By know I haven't seen Gnome in that list, but sure that it will appear soon 
if is not being delivered already...

Be sure that Microsoft will dress the official entry of Gnome in the TC45 as 
if Gnome would be backing OOXML or at least warrantying the "openness" of 

It is what I've said before to Jody. You cannot give any weapon to Microsoft. 
Be sure they will fire with it against you no matter if you want to preceive 
that or not.

So, please, let's try to remove that weapon from the Microsoft's hands in a 
way that they cannot use it. We have no any profit on giving it to them 

If you need more interoperability information, you can join to ECMA TC45 in 
March. No problem on this. But not now, please.

Now is a time to work at ISO, not at ECMA.


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