[odf-discuss] Gnome, Ecma, and what governments (and FOSS?) should have done

Lars Noodén lars at umich.edu
Sat Nov 3 13:30:28 EDT 2007

Jody Goldberg wrote:

> Until MS decides to release their source code in a way that I can
> see it without being forever polluted the only way to get
> information about their spec is to ask them.

Man.  All the old canards are getting dusted off today.  It's good that
these are out in the open.

Specs have nothing to do with source code.  In fact in many cases, the
source code is not useful or even usable for divining the specs.

To get information about the format, the only way is for the
specification to be published, source code or not.

> ...
> I have taken part in ODF development, and wrote small portions of
> the new formula spec.  

And that has been recognized during this painful thread.

> ... I've written portions of gnumeric's ODF
> filters.  Aside from taking up politics, and advocacy, a role
> I'd rather see left to others, what would you have me do ?

Actually, I think it was Daniel who suggested you might look into other
work on ODF tools or joining the OASIS ODF TC to fix some issues with
ODF.  We all know you've got the skills that they are in great need of.


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