[odf-discuss] Gnome Foundation and ECMA

Pamela Jones pj at groklaw.net
Sat Nov 3 06:55:22 EDT 2007

I understand. But it isn't coming across that way. You and Jody may feel 
that is unfair, that people should be more logical.  But people aren't 

Meanwhile, here's what KDE is doing:

  Key KOffice Developers Talk About KOffice 2 and Open Standards

In this interview, some key KOffice developers tell us about the recent 
progress of KDE's Office suite, about Open Standards and how KOffice 
plays an active role in bringing Freedom to users. We have talked to 
Boudewijn Rempt, developer of Krita, core KOffice contributor and 
KOffice release manager, as well as to David Faure who has been taking 
part in the OASIS, the organization that is responsible for advancing 
the OpenDocument (ODF) standard.

David Faure says: "We're taking part in the OASIS because we truly 
believe in Open Standards. KOffice standardises on OpenDocument. Free 
Software and open standards are a perfect match and the way to move 
forward for a society to ensure vendor-independent access to its data. 
We're actively participating in the OASIS since it matches our value, 
and we believe that one strong standard is in the best interest of our 

All Jody and Gnome have to do to turn this around is to make a statement 
clarifying, so the false impression, as you view it, doesn't get carved 
in stone and Microsoft is not able to misuse the participation for its 
own ends.

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Lars wrote:
>> No.  The above two statements make it very unclear.
>> 1) Right now as you say GNOME is helping Jody to participate in Ecma
>> 2) Ecma is currently working on achieving ISO standardization of MOOX,
>> or as you call it, OOXML.
>> 3) Thus, GNOME is  pursuing or assisting with ISO standardization of
>> MOOX, or as you call it, OOXML.
> Wrong.
> 1) Gnome is sponsoring Jody to be in Ecma.
> 2) Jody is not participating in the ISO ballot resolution with Ecma (he is entirely inactive).
> 3) Gnome is not pursuing or assisting ISO standardization of OOXML.
> Daniel.
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