[odf-discuss] Backwards compatibility and formula specs

Daniel Carrera daniel at zmsl.com
Fri Nov 2 07:58:02 EDT 2007

Marco wrote:
> Since honestly I have had no time before to document myself on this, I
> welcome, here or offlist, relevant links to detailed explanation and
> examples, thanks. Now:

Search Rob Weir's blog for the issue with leap years. I forget the other examples, but Rob Weir and David A. Wheeler might remember more. I think this list is a good place for this discussion.

> please hold my hand for a moment, I am surely missing some piece of
> the puzzle here. Theoretically, Excel, Calc or any other program can:
> 1) create new .ods files, or open and edit existing ones, always
>   dealing with formulas as per ODF 1.2,
> AND, at the same time,
> 2) Open, save or display .xls files, always dealing with their
>   formulas as per "the MS/Excel/OOXML way", whatever that means.
> Right?
> If yes, doesn't the problem exist ONLY when you want to convert .ods
> to .xls or vice versa?

Hmm... "yes and no"

Applications that read ODF do so by parsing the XML and converting it into the application's internal data structures. In this way, converting between formats may be an unavoidable step to be able to read ODF at all. So reading ODF may be synonymous with converting between the two formats. 

Maybe one of the KDE or Gnome developers on this list can answer your question better.

Hope that helps.


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