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Pamela Jones pj at groklaw.net
Fri Jan 26 01:37:22 EST 2007

I have seen responses to letters. It has all been very, very positive.

Be polite, be technical, use local wisdom, but reputational harm is a 
very strong argument from a legal, not a political, standpoint.

There is no reason to hold back, from all I am hearing.  Just don't send 
any goofy or nasty letters. Concern is appropriate, and there is no 
reason not to write to more than one person. How do you know which one 
will be the one to get it?  If you have concerns about "spam", write a 
different letter or email to each one.

Jean Hollis Weber wrote:
> Daniel Carrera wrote:
>> I posit that you don't deal with
>> ISO the way you deal with an MP, or Massachusetts, or any
>> political entity. I do not claim to know the perfect way to approach ISO,
>> but I do advice everyone to keep in mind that ISO is not your local
>> congressman. At least in theory, they should make decisions on technical
>> merit, and they are not used to lobbying the way your MP, or
>> Massachusetts might be. I advice everyone to keep that in mind when they
>> write, lest your attempt back-fire. I think this is sound advice.
> I suppose it's possible that Marbux's approach is appropriate in the USA 
> (maybe the standards folks there are used to being lobbied as if they 
> are politicians?). But even if that is true, his approach may well not 
> be appropriate in other countries.
> I suggest, therefore, that the best general advice is to use care and 
> discretion and as much local knowledge as possible when writing, which 
> is pretty much what Daniel said.
> I'd also like to remind people to mention any contacts on the GrokDoc 
> page, so others have an idea of how much prior contact has been made 
> with a specific person or committee.
> --Jean
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