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I'm more than happy to write and I can pass this info on to the ILTA
open source list (should hit a few hundred law-firm CIOs - mostly in the
US).  Is there a particular set of individuals we should write to?  I
have Farancis Cave's info from Ian's e-mail, but most of the response I
will be able to muster will come from the USA.  If there is a contact at
IBM (especially - they seem to be interested in the legal market) and/or
Sun, I'll write and pass those along.

Thank you
Askew Network Solutions

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> Can anyone and everyone follow this up. I'm really quire 
> surprised because I assumed IBM and Sun through the ODA would 
> be lobbying. I'm off on holiday soon so no real time to do 
> much about it.
> Ian
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