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Damon Anderson damon at corigo.com
Wed Feb 21 00:08:02 EST 2007

Certainly .ott is simply an alternate extension on an .odt that defines it  
as being a template rather than a document, but in a corporate environment  
Template Files are extremely important, and I assure 95% of all  
documentation my company produces starts from an .ott file. I agree with  
Mirko, why take out an extremely useful tool. Every office suite I have  
ever used has document templates, to not include them in a specification  
for an office suite would be wrong.

In point of of fact my major complaint with OOo is that I don't have a  
simple and easy way of configuring all of my OOo installs for all of my  
staff with my document standards, like the corporate font, proper page  
sizes (A4 and not Letter) etc. The only real way to enforce a document  
standard with OOo (unless I sit down and reconfigure the application for  
every user login on every machine) is to require all staff to use the .ott  
templates on the server.


On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 01:10:06 +0700, Mirko Nasato <mirko at artofsolving.com>  

> Russell Ossendryver wrote:
>> None of the online apps, i.e. Google Docs, Zoho and others can handle
>> it. The ODF
>> pluggins also cannot handle .ott The ODF viewers also have problems
>> with the format.
> It would be trivial IMO for these apps to support "ott" as well, as
> Thomas mentioned it is basically the same thing as an "odt".  They
> probably just need to recognise the different mime type (each
> OpenDocument archive has a 'mimetype' entry describing its type.)
>> In general .ott will be a hindrance to inter-operatability. An issue
>> with OO will be filed suggesting that all documents be save in .odt
> Can't see why OpenOffice.org should remove a feature that's probably
> useful to many people honestly.  I think it should be up to the other
> apps to support "ott".
> Best regards
> Mirko
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