[odf-discuss] Comments on adding ODF file icon to Apache

Lars Noodén lars at umich.edu
Fri Aug 3 15:08:20 EDT 2007

Pete Harlow wrote:
> If you remember some time ago I made a set of file icons specifically for
> Apache and submitted these with the appropriate CLA to the project.

Yes.  I remember.  It's probably a good idea to respond in the bug list.


I can't see the argument about number of lines being legitimate.

slive there does seem confused about ODF.  Let's go for right now from
the assumption its honest confusion.  Apache is already supporting a
bunch of generic file formats, adding a generic format like ODF would
fit right in.  OpenDocument is already has an official MIME type listed
in IANA's table:

About two years ago, there were a fair number of articles tying
OpenDocument to growth through other open formats like HTML.  Maybe some
of the arguments from those can be brought forth again.


PS.  Since the GoDaddy deal last year, MS has really been working hard
at undermining Apache.  I would not be surprised to find that methods
used against earlier competitors are also being used against Apache.

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