[odf-discuss] We seem to be popular.

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sun Dec 24 11:16:02 EST 2006

Hi all,

I just installed a web-tracking software. Then I went shopping, came
back, and now the software lists 29 unique visitors not including
robots. Not bad for ~1 hour in Dec 24.

* 44% of the visits come from Google.
* 22% of the visits come from stumbleupon.com

Now here is something really weird: Some hits come from
convert-extensions.com, so far so good... So I checked their site. They
have pages on OpenDocument but the Fellowship is not listed there.
Instead, we are listed under the *Microsoft* OXML pages!


To be fair the page says "Links", which is very generic, but still...

In any event, continuing with the usage report:

* 28% of the hits went to the home page.
* 11% to the registrationh page.
* 6% to blogs and 6% to development/projects/odfviewer
* 5% to news

Thew viewer ranking is not bad when you consider that we only released a
beta 1 like two weeks ago. But I hope its ranking will increase.

In case you're curious, 28% of users had Firefox, 24% IE, 21% Mozilla,
7% Opera, 3% Konqueror and 17% Unknown. 45% of the users were American
but we did have people from Germany, Japan, China and the UK.

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Infinite bottles of beer
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Infinite bottles of beer on the wall.

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