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M. Fioretti mfioretti at mclink.it
Tue Dec 12 00:14:44 EST 2006

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 23:18:30 PM +0000, Alex Hudson
(alex at stratagia.co.uk) wrote:

> > I believe you! I just don't get the animosity against Novell on
> > this one. They're basically doing a job that needs to be done

see (1) and (2) below on why native MOOX support in OO (even if Open
Source, something I ignored one month ago) will be bad for ODF and
society in general.

> Michael Meek's response is worth reading:
>     http://www.gnome.org/~michael/activity.html#2006-12-11

M. Meeks wrote in that page:

"If our competitors switch to Open Standards that might be nice, but
when they switch to Free Software - we have truly won"

that is, he made again (see (3) ) the mistakes I call Things #2 and #3
at http://digifreedom.net/node/56/ : no big picture, seeing software
(and only software) for the sake of software.

1) http://lists.opendocumentfellowship.org/pipermail/odf-discuss/2006-November/000371.html
2) http://lists.opendocumentfellowship.org/pipermail/odf-discuss/2006-November/000372.html
3) http://lists.opendocumentfellowship.org/pipermail/odf-discuss/2006-November/000375.html


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