[odf-discuss] OOo OOXML filters

Alex Hudson alex at stratagia.co.uk
Mon Dec 11 18:18:30 EST 2006

Carlos Moffat wrote:
> I see. That's interesting, as I thought OOXML was a completely different
> animal from the previous (binary formats). That is, I thought
> feature-wise OOXML was a close cousin, of course, but that their guts
> were quite different.

The guts are almost completely different, but the guts is a matter of
parsing. The actual structure and logic of interpreting the data is very
similar, apparently, modulo some of the novel features in OXML (e.g.,
their packaging/linking system).

It would be interesting for someone in the know to do a proper
comparison - e.g., does the string externing in the spreadsheet format
have a binary cousin? (It's not very "XML", but the speed argument was
pretty compelling).

> I believe you! I just don't get the animosity against Novell on this
> one. They're basically doing a job that needs to be done anyways.

Well, indeed.

Michael Meek's response is worth reading:


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